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Our Weekend In Cornwall – Where We Stayed and First Day

Helloo! A few weeks ago I mentioned that Ben and I had booked to go away for the weekend to the Lake District and that I was very excited about it. Literally a few days after I posted about it, we had cancelled our hotel booking and were on the hunt for something and somewhere different.

After some serious googling I came across a small holiday cottage in Cornwall, for a very reasonable price. The selling point of this cottage – a private hot tub. I told Ben about it, showed him some pictures and around 15 minutes later, it was booked and we were now off to Cornwall.

I was super excited, we were only going for 3 nights, but that felt like it would be enough considering that we hadn’t taken a proper break since before we bought the new house and we both desperately needed to relax. The day before we were due to arrive I contacted the owners to let them know roughly when we would be arriving and she said that she would leave the property unlocked for us to just enter as soon as we arrived.

From our house it was a little over a 5 hour drive, plus around half an hour when we stopped for lunch and a coffee at a services just outside Birmingham. We had had an unintentional late night the day before we travelled so we both woke up very sleepy and in need of caffeine.

We arrived at the house a little after 5pm, and were both eager to get unpacked and have a look round. The house we were staying in is called Dormouse and can be found on

When you first arrive at the house, you enter down a private driveway and there is ample parking for the car, or two cars. You then come through a gate into the garden and this is what your greeted with.

Private Hot Tub – Yes Please!


The hot tub looks out onto open fields for miles, there is literally no one around (theres a small far to the right but it’s not like it can see you), its completely secluded and quiet.

More of those stunning views from the back of the property

Moving into the house, on the ground floor there is a well equipped kitchen and a small dining area.


On the table were two small bottles of Prosecco and a box of Cornish Shortbread.

Just off the kitchen, on the ground floor was a small shower room, making it easy to get clean before, and after the hot tub, or just to get ready in the morning. The flooring on the ground floor also had under floor heating which was an absolute dream.


Moving upstairs and there was a small seating area, with a large flat screen tv (it was a smart tv with access to Netflix so perfect for late night movies) which then lead straight into the sleeping area. It was all completely open plan, which I actually didn’t mind. I think it was a good use of space.


The tv is hidden just behind the wall on the right hand side. On the same floor as the sleeping / living space was a toilet and sink, With amazing views out over the countryside.


So that was everything inside the property. Honestly it was perfect, everything had been thought of. There were robes and towels provided, plastic glasses for use in the hot tub, a washer and dryer were provided if you needed them. The only thing that was obviously not provided was food, However coffee and tea bags were provided for us.

The only down side we had to this property is that the heating and hot water are run off of an external gas bottle. There were two at the property so that if one was empty, you could just flick it to the other. Well, it just so happened that the first bottle decided that it was empty on the first night.. in the middle of the night.. after we had just gotten out of the hot tub.. in March. Ben, was not happy.

After mooching around the house and getting to know where everything was, we took a short walk through the countryside to the next village over which had a nice little pub that was serving food. We both went for fish and chips because, when in Cornwall, you just have to.


After we walked back to the house, we jumped in the car and drove about 10 minutes to the nearest shop to get milk, and some pop to see us through the weekend. After this little trip was done it was finally time to try the hot tub.

We both jumped into our swim wear and headed out back to climb in and unwind, and my goodness it was bliss. Since it was Ben’s birthday while we were away his mum had given him a bottle of wine and some John Smiths, so we cracked open the wine and laid back in the hot tub. It was pitch black outside and we laid there in the hot bubbly water and star gazed for what seemed like hours. We talked, we reconnected, it was breathtaking.

So that’s it for this little house tour. I hope you enjoyed this.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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