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Our Weekend In Cornwall – What We Got Up To

In my last post I talked about Our Weekend in Cornwall and the house we stayed in, For today’s post I wanted to talk about what we actually got up to while we were there.

As you know, we drove down, unpacked, had some dinner at a local pun then made our way into the hot tub to relax.

We woke up fairly early the next day, mainly because the wind was very strong and was almost rattling the house we were in. We got showered and ready and made our way to our car to set off exploring for the day.

I’m going to be really honest with you, the first day was a bit of a ‘meh’ day.

We started our day in Bodmin hoping go to a Military Museum. We found a car park, paid the fee and headed into the town to get some breakfast / dinner. We settled on two very traditional Cornish Pasties and two bottles of Coke, we headed back to the car and ate our lunch before driving back to the museum. When we got there we realised there was A) no where to park, and B) it was only one building and it was pretty small. Ben decided he was no longer bothered and we set off to find something else to do.

The main reason it was a bit of a ‘meh’ day is that everything we tried to do was closed because we had gone out of season. We googled Tintagle Castle (a place we both really want to visit and have tried to visit every time we have been to Cornwall) was closed because it was having a new footpath built. We found a Castle on the outskirts of a fishing village, we drove down, parked our car, walked about 10 minutes only to find the footpath was again closed so there was no entry. This went on and on. I eventually found a small wine / gin shop that I wanted to go to in hopes of finding something to take back for my dad and it turned out to be inside a huge market, so we mooched round. There was a combat stall that sold things to do with Paintball and Airsofting (Ben is a paintballer) so we had a look in there and Ben told me stories about paintballing. We walked around for quite a while looking at literally every thing.

I kept apologising for it being a crappy day on Ben’s Birthday but all he kept saying was “Baby I don’t care, I’m with you” which made me feel a little bit better but I still regretted that I hadn’t really planned anything.

After a few hours we decided we were ready for some dinner so we headed back to Bodmin and found a pub to have some food in.

** Picture of steak

We headed back to the house, jumped in the hot tub for a couple of hours and then headed upstairs to find a film to watch. We.. well I decided to put on Gone Girl, as I had read the book and was really curious to see if the film held up. It both does and it really doesn’t at the same time. But nevertheless I really enjoyed it, Ben wasn’t as sold on it and said “it was alright, but not something I would have picked to watch”.

After the film we got curled up in bed and called it a night.

The next day we woke up and got ready, this time it was raining and I elected to go with out makeup for the day because to be honest I just really couldn’t be bothered putting on makeup just to have it wash away in the rain, or smudge or whatever. So we got showered and dressed and jumped in the car.

This time, we had a plan. It was a good plan.

We headed to a small harbour town on the south coast to have breakfast. We found a small cafe in which to eat, walked inside and were greeted by a lovely young lady who was just super smiley and friendly. We were seated near the door on a lovely table for two, the girl came over to take our drinks order, Ben went for a latte and I went for a Mochachino which was just a really frothy Mocha.


A few minutes later our coffees were ready and she took our food order which was two full English breakfasts.

We just sat then and watched the world go by, talking about a plan for the day, and just various things.

About 20 – 25 minutes later the nice girl reappeared with our breakfast, set them on the table and left us to eat in peace. I think she only came back once to ask if everything was okay with our breakfast.


After we had eaten and paid for our breakfast we headed out into the village to go to a Shipwreck museum that was across the road from the cafe. We had planned to go here to start the day because we figured it would pass around an hour after breakfast and I was really curious to see what was on offer.

As you can tell by the name, it was filled with things that had been salvaged from various ship wrecks over the years including the Titanic. It was really cool to see how things had changed since the 1800’s in terms of the cargo that was carried and the style of the ships that were sailing. As thought it took us about an hour and a half to get through everything before we walked back to the car and set off to the next destination on our list.

The Eden Project.

By the time we arrived it was about 1pm and the Eden Project closed at 4pm so we figured we had a good few hours to look around. The Eden Project is split into two sections, Rain forest and Mediterranean. We went into the Rain Forest side first.

It was fascinating to see all the trees and plants that were thriving thanks to this place and some (most) of them were beautiful.

We also got to say hello to some of the local wildlife that the have to help protect the plants for insects and things that could be harmful.


One of the coolest things to happen was when one of the Employees came up to us and showed us a Coffee Cherry and allowed us to open it up to reveal a fresh coffee bean.

I had never thought about where coffee comes from or anything like that so to see it up close and personal was amazing. Ben and I just stood there admiring this little bean for ages before placing it back on the ground and moving on .. did you know it takes just 7 minutes to roast coffee beans ready to be ground up and brewed?!

After we had finally finished with the Rain Forest section we moved on to the Mediterranean side and when we looked at the clock we realised that we only had an hour to explore the other side before the place closed.

I will say the Mediterranean side wasn’t quite as big, or interesting as the Rain Forest side but it was still very cool and the plants were beautiful.

We left just before closing and walked slowly back to the main entrance and gift shop and had a slow mooch around the gift shop before heading back to the car.

Ben had decided he wanted to go to Padstow for dinner which was about a 45 minute drive from where we were. Padstow was the place we stayed on our first visit to Cornwall so its pretty special to us. We parked up and walked over to the pub we had been to on our first visit and got a drink before finding a seat and browsing the menu.

Ben went for curry, I went for the Hunters Chicken. Both were amazing. After dinner we drove back to the house and started to pack things up ready for leaving the next day. We didn’t get in the hot tub because the weather was pretty naff and I didn’t want to travel with wet stuff in the bag.

After packing we put a film on and got snuggled up on the sofa. After the film I was suffering with one of the worst headaches I had had in a while so we went to bed and I basically laid with the blanket pulled up over my head trying to block out any light until I eventually fell asleep.

The next day we packed the car ready to go, I went and handed the keys back to the owner and explained that I had left some milk in the fridge (not opened) and that one of the bulbs had blown in the bedside table lamp.

We had decided that before we headed home we were going to drive north and go to a little farm shop I had found for some breakfast. We again went for a Full English, which was amazing.. seriously Cornwall does a good breakfast.

We ate our breakfast, bought some cookies for Ben’s mum as a thank you for having Diesel and then set off for the long drive home.

When we got back, we headed straight to Ben’s mums to collect Diesel and then went back home to order a takeaway and just chill out.

It had been a long day and I was glad to be home.

If you made it this far you deserve a pat on the back! Hope you enjoyed this guys.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx



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