Vet Visits and Laminate Laying

Hey everyone!

Yesterday morning we were woken up by a phone call from Bens dad asking us if we were up yet as he wanted to continue with our laminate flooring. We had started this project last week as Ben and his dad has several days off at the same time, so they had decided to make a start before the arrival of our new sofa. They had made really good progress before having to return to work (I was at work whilst they were working on the flooring) and only had the kitchen left to do, before moving onto the glossing and refitting of the skirting boards.

We, of course, weren’t up yet as we had both just come off Afters meaning that I didn’t get home until just before midnight. As we were pulling ourselves around we noticed that little Diesel was limping.

Diesel’s had this limp on and off for a couple of weeks but it usually goes away after an hour or two and doesn’t return for several days so we we’re massively concerned, had he been limping constantly I would have rushed him to the vets sooner, but it never seemed to bother him for long. We have tried to look at his paw ourselves but he would never let us near it without yelping or just simply pulling away and we didn’t want to upset him or make it worse. He had an appointment at the groomers on Saturday and she confirmed he had cracked his claw, pretty severely but there wasn’t anything she could do for him. So when we woke up to him still limping I immediately called the vets.

We had him booked in for about an hour after we got up. Ben’s Dad arrived shortly before we set off and stayed to start work while we rushed Diesel to his appointment.

We were sat in the waiting room about ten minutes before a lovely Vet came to get him, we explained what was wrong and he tried to have a look and of course, Diesel kicked up a fuss, we managed to hold him still long enough for the Vet to get a good look and he confirmed that cracked claw. He told us he would take Diesel and try some local anaesthetic in order to cut the claw but if that didn’t work.. he would need to be sedated.

We returned to the waiting room while the doctor attempted the local anaesthetic and about 10 minutes later he returned and asked us to come back into the room. He explained that it had still been far too painful for Diesel and the only thing left to do was sedate him and do the procedure that way. He explained the risks and we signed the paper work and then left.. without our dog.

I felt awful. I know he was in safe hands but leaving the vets without him was horrible. After we arrived home Ben started to help his dad with the Laminate project and I left to do some shopping because I wanted to make a Sausage Casserole for dinner.

While I was out I received a call saying Diesel was awake and was ready to be picked up. I rushed home, dropped off the shopping, grabbed Ben and set off for the vets, eager to pick up my little boy.

When we arrived to pick him up, the nurse told us how good he had been, how he had a cried a little bit but soon settled down and then went to get him for us. He came out, with a lovely purple bandage on his paw and leg and was super groggy from the sedation.

We brought him home and he got curled up on the sofa with me while Ben and his Dad continued working. I was put on dog duty as there wasn’t really anything else I could do in terms of helping them.


After a few hours Ben’s mum came down with Ben’s Aunty to see Diesel and his mood lifted a lot. He got major cuddles and Ben’s Aunty complimented our choice of laminate colour which obviously put a smile on my face. We could tell that Diesel was definitely starting to come round. He was more interested in us and his treats again(which I had tried to offer him previously but he turned his nose up) and was wagging his tail.

Eventually Ben’s Dad left as he had done all the work he could do for now. Our laminate was finished, Diesel was feeling better, still adjusting to his life with a bandage and I cracked on with making the sausage casserole as it was now around 6:30pm. We kept a close eye on Diesel all evening and he even slept a little while on the bed, cuddled up to Ben.


He has woken up today like his normal self, full of life and energy, just wanting cuddles from anyone who will give them but still adjusting the bandage.


He has now gone to stay with Ben’s mum and dad over night as we are at work tomorrow and don’t want to leave him unattended with his bandage (in case he starts to chew or bite it) but he has an appointment tomorrow for a check up to see if he needs to keep the bandage on or not so I will definitely update you all on that.

I hope you enjoyed this little day in the life post.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx



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