A Day Of Eating Out and a Pupdate

Yesterday was a day that I don’t often have, it was a day where I ate every meal.. out.

I only ever do this when we go away because, well who goes away to cook?! So we usually end up eating breakfast and dinner out. Well yesterday I did this, even though I was at home and it felt like such a treat.

My day started out with Ben going to work at 5am, followed by a delivery at 8:30am so by that point I was up, and there was no point trying to go back to bed. I let the dog out and then jumped in the shower to get ready for my day.

A few weeks prior I had planned to take my mum out for coffee. This is again something that we never do, don’t get me wrong I go and see her, and we have catch ups and stuff but we never go out anywhere and I decided to change this.

My mum had an appointment at 11am so I had planned to pick her up at about 11:30, so I got ready, did my hair and make up and then jumped in the car to pick her up. About a five minute drive from my mums is a small garden centre / tea room so we headed there. Neither of us had been before but my mum follows them on Facebook and seemed pretty confident.

We found a table and started browsing the menu, since I hadn’t eaten yet I was ready for some lunch and my mum was feeling the same. We decided on our meals and both went for a cheese and ham toastie, mum wanted a tea, and I went for the ‘deluxe mocha’ because why not?


Our drinks arrived fairly quickly and as we sat talking and laughing, I had almost forgot that we had ordered food when the lady arrived with it.

She placed our meals on the table and I was pleasantly surprised by the portion size. I did have to go on a little hunt to find cutlery but once I was back in my seat it was time to dig in.


The food and atmosphere were wonderful and we will 100% be going back at some point. It was pretty weird to be in the building because I can remember going in when I was a child, back when it was just a garden centre, and it was always so run down and mistreated, so to see it transformed was wonderful, if a little weird.

After we had eaten I took my mum out to the local shopping centre for a little walk around and to browse what the shops had to offer. Neither of us bought anything but it was nice to just be out and about catching up with my mum.

I dropped her back off at home, and arrived at my own home shortly before Ben. We got curled up on the sofa, talked for a while and then fell asleep. After we woke up we decided to just go out for dinner instead of cooking (yes, the ultimate in laze) and headed out to one of our favourite pubs in the area.

We ordered a mix of starters which arrived pretty quickly and were amazing, as always. I swear I have never had a bad meal from this pub.. We did once walk in, and walk straight back out but that was because they were having some kind of a disco and we were not even remotely interested in trying to eat during a disco.


We chose nachos, chicken strips and halloumi fries (my personal fave) and they were so good.

For mains Ben went for his usual steak pie, and I went for what they call the “chippy tea burger” Which was basically fish and chips, but with a slight twist and it was actually really good. I normally just get fish and chips so this was bound to be good, but I was surprised but how good it was.


When we arrived back home it was pretty late so we just got curled up, put the tv on and watched a few episodes of Grand Tour which we are both loving since we are both car people and to be fair its just a really good TV show.

So that was my day of eating out and yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the treat.

As mentioned in the title I wanted to update you all on little Diesel.

A couple of posts ago I talked about how we had rushed Diesel to the vets due to a cracked claw and we brought him home with a little bandage on.

Well since that post he has been back to the vets, had his bandage removed and so far has been completely fine, and has been back to his usual self.

The vets had cut his claw right down to a tiny little nub in order to get past the crack. We had to cut a lot of fur off from around the claw in order to get a good look at it once the bandage was removed but now everything is growing back nicely. Other than his claw, he is in perfect health and is a very happy little dog.


Believe me, despite his grump face, he is happy.. I promise!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I am really enjoying writing these ‘day in the life’ posts so I hope you enjoy reading them.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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