Board Games, Fish Buying and House Plant Re-Potting

Hey Guys!

I think I have mentioned this before but my working week is Tuesday – Saturday so my ‘Weekend’ is Sunday and Monday. This weekend has been a very casual, family filled weekend and I wanted to share with you whats been going on because it’s been a little bit different to usual.

The weekend started with our beloved Dog waking up with a limp, something obviously hurt and he was being really sulky about it, so we called Ben’s mum who came down to try and have a look, couldn’t really see anything and determined that maybe his claws are too long for his feet and he keeps catching them. Don’t worry, when he goes to the groomers he has his claws trimmed to the breed standard length, but we think he just needs them taking a little bit shorter next time. Whilst his mum was there she invited us down to theirs that evening to have a takeaway and a game of Destination, which is a board game that they love to play, and we were like “hell yeah, we’ll be there”

After Ben’s mum left we headed out to grab a coffee and have a mooch around a garden centre to look for a new pot for one of my house plants. I have an Aloe Vera plant called Shirley that I was given by a colleague back in November / December and I have been really good at keeping it alive, and she is now thriving, but she was outgrowing her pot and I had decided to move her into a bigger one, I had also decided to place my other house plant into Shirley’s old pot.

We had no luck at the garden centre so we decided to try B&Q, where we had better luck, however the pot we bought was a little bit too big so I needed to swap it for a slightly smaller pot. But that was a job for another day.

After we arrived back home I cracked on with some chores, you know, the joys of being an adult, and then we had a steady walk up to Ben’s parents house ready for our evening.

We started playing the game whilst we waited for food to arrive and then all moved into the kitchen to enjoy our dinner, Ben’s sister even came down to join us at the table, which was nice. We headed back into the conservatory to finish off the game which Ben’s mum won. After this, Ben’s dad headed off to bed because he had work super early in the morning and we all stayed at the table talking.

It became a weirdly emotional conversation and there were tears all around, but at 2am, we walked back home to go to bed. Tired, and drained for the emotional side of the evening.

The next day I woke up early because I had planned to go out for the day with Ben’s mum to buy some fish for their tank. A few weeks ago I had jokingly asked if I could buy a fish for their tank and they had said yes. So we headed off to find the perfect fish.

We made a pit stop at B&Q to get a smaller pot for Shirley and whilst I was there I swooned over several other plants but decided I had my hands full working full time, trying to keep myself, Ben, Diesel and two houseplants alive, without bringing in a third member of the plant family.. however I can always change my mind on that!

After a brief stop and B&Q we headed back out to the pet shop to look at fishes, and as soon as we walked in I more or less fell straight in love with a Bearded Dragon, I have wanted one for years and seeing it up close made me proper happy. They are just so freaking cute.

The guy who owns the shop got one of the snakes out and let me stroke it which was such a cool experience, she was really well behaved and super cute, it completely changed my opinion on snakes.

We then moved into the fish section so I could pick out a fish. Ben’s mum has a very large tropical tank, however as I very quickly learnt, not all fish can live together. So I was walking around going “What about this one?” and getting “no we can’t that one, we have X fish” or “no its too big for our tank”. I found a fish that I really wanted, it was super cute, very curious, kept coming to the front of the tank, and I was like “this one” but alas, he was apparently too big. I just kept looking at him but I had been told no, so it was a no, in the same little tank were some other fish that I thought were cute and those I was allowed. I got five of them, and by the looks we have 2 boys and 3 girls which is a good mix.

On the way home we stopped at my house to grab the plants that needed re-potting and then drove to Ben’s mums to sort everything out. We started by putting the fish bags into the tank so they could acclimatise to the temperature of the tank, then we moved outside to sort out the plants.

Shirley was first, Ben’s mum placed some pebbles into the bottom of the pot, then added some compost, she then took the plant out of its original pot, placed it gently into the new pot, added some more soil and viola! Shirley is now in her new pot! We simply rinsed and repeated to get the other plant into its new pot, but they both now have lovely new homes and are happy and healthy with lots of new growth.

We went back in and released the fishes once they were ready and watched as they settled into their new home. The other fishes were very curious of the new arrivals but after a while, everyone kinda moved on and the new fishes were left alone to fully settle in.

I am now back home, ready to make dinner and chill out for the evening. I am tired, late nights and early mornings are seriously starting to take their toll on me.

So that’s it guys, sorry their aren’t any pictures in this post, but I have been really into sharing what I’ve been getting up to.. they are nice to write, and fun to look back on for me.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx



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