Hospital Visits and Sick Days

So I apologise for two back to back, really wordy posts, but today’s post is going to be a bit of a rant, a bit of an update and a bit of a ‘meh’ post.

So yesterday I had a follow up appointment with my specialist at the hospital, and after struggling to find parking, having to park really far away and almost making myself late to the appointment, I arrived on time but was then made to wait for about 30 minutes before I was seen.. honestly, why do they do that? If I had turned up 30 minutes late I wouldn’t have been seen but its perfectly okay for them to see me 30 minutes after I was supposed to be seen? At this point I was already kinda annoyed, so when I was eventually seen I entered the room and was greeted by two doctors, my actual doctor and a medical student who was observing. This doesn’t bother, I have been in this situation before and always have the same opinion “they need to learn” so its fine by me for them to observe.

We spoke very briefly about had I had been the past 4 months, and I explained that since coming off the medication I was on things had been really bad, I was having issues again and I was still getting pain and feeling sick all the time.

After literally about 5 minutes his solution was to put me back on the medication I had previously been on since that had helped before, and that was it. I was sent for my bloods taking as 4 months ago my Vitamin D was really low, and my iron count was low, and sent on my way home.

Like that was it. I still have no idea why I feel the way I do, I still have no idea whats happening, I still have no idea why my body doesn’t work, and when I asked about it the doctor just said “We’re all just built differently”.

Are you freaking kidding me?! I’m in constant pain, I feel sick all the time and yet that’s perfectly fine because “we’re all built differently”. Jerk.

So I had my bloods done, they took 3 little vial thingi’s from my arm, and sent on my way home. I got back home by about 11:30, had some breakfast, took one of my new tablets, and started getting ready for work.

By about 1pm I was finishing up getting ready when I started to feel really ill. I had this absolutely pounding headache and was feeling really nauseous but I continued getting ready and headed out of the door.

I arrived at work and was sat in the car park and I just knew I wasn’t right, this wasn’t my normal “oh I feel sick” this was something much worse and I felt appalling. I headed into work and was really struggling. I managed to get  little bit of work done, the really important start of shift stuff and I bumped into one of my colleagues who told me to home because I looked like death and had zero colour to my skin. I decided after about an hour I’d had enough and was going home.

I got home to find that our house alarm had set itself off and was screaming away to itself which had apparently upset the neighbours but like what was I supposed to do? I was meant to be at work. I got into the house, turned the alarm off and went to get Diesel who was apparently very freaked out by the whole thing and jumped into my arms like a small furry four legged baby.

I attempted to lay on the sofa with a cushion over my head, that didn’t work. I went up to bed and put a cold flannel over my head, that didn’t work. Within an hour of getting home, I had been physically sick 3 times (sorry!) and still had the worst headache ever.

I eventually crawled out of bed, and after a phone call with Ben, and a phone call with my Mum, I got curled up on the sofa, watched a few videos on YouTube and then put Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on. I was still curled up on the sofa when Ben came home. He came over to me and was the sweetest thing, and after the movie finished we put a tv show on, I curled up against him and fell asleep.

I woke up the today feeling pretty crappy still, I had pulled my stomach being sick, so I was in pain with that, my headache had faded but was still present and I felt exhausted.

I called my place of work and told them I wouldn’t be in today because I was still not feeling great and they told me to get better soon and have since spent the day on the sofa watching old Big Bang Theory episodes.

I have concluded that the illness is just side effects of the medication because I tick off several boxes on the side effects list. However it could just be a 24 hour bug or something. Who knows, but I feel horrific.

So I apologise for the lack of ‘Beauty’ posts but I obviously haven’t been up to it this past couple of days, but hang tight, I will have a haul coming soon!

I hope your all feeling okay.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

2 thoughts on “Hospital Visits and Sick Days

  1. You really need to go see another doctor, this doctor you are seeing is not trying to figure out what is wrong with you. Get a second opinion, find one that will help you figure out what is wrong with you because this is not normal. You should not be in constant pain, and if so then is it a disorder like Lupus or something else. I had a friend that was in constant pain and her doctor kept trying to figure out what it was and she also went to see another. It took them a bit but they did figure out what it was. Hope that you get to feeling better soon and don’t worry about the beauty post you get to feeling better.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I need to change doctors anyway due to my recent house move so I’m hoping they will be able to think of something else! But I guess only time will tell on that one..

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