First Impression Friday – Garnier Moisture Bomb Eye Tissue Mask

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to First Impression Friday! I got really good at posting these but over the past few weeks, with everything that has been going on in my personal life, and with my health I have kinda just “stayed in my lane” when it comes to products, I have just been sticking to my routines and my products because I find that really comforting when things around me are out of my control.

A couple of days ago I broke my own routine by getting up, and getting into the shower straight away, usually I get in the shower sort of an hour before I go to work, then I do my hair and makeup, jump into my uniform and I’m out the door, but on this particular day I decided to get in the shower first thing. When I got out I did my skincare routine and I was looking for a product when I found the Garnier Moisture Bomb Eye Tissue Mask, sat in my drawer of things to try.

I quickly pulled it out, read the back of the packet and popped one little patch under each eye, and went downstairs to join Ben.


When I purchased these (All those months ago) I chose the ones that were aimed at brightening the under eye area, and reducing the puffiness, which is something I struggle with due to late nights and early mornings.

But right out of the gate I want to say, I frickin’ love these! I’m going to purchase so many more of these, they are such a nice treat and a lot less fiddly than a full sheet mask.

The first thing I want to say about these is that they stay in place. Once you smooth them down, they don’t move around, or slide down, they aren’t uncomfortable, they just sit there until your ready to take them off.

These little patches are infused with hyaluronic acid which is an amazing ingredient that helps to deeply moisturise and nourish the skin, it also has orange juice which is packed with Vitamin C, which has been known to help brighten the skin.

These are incredibly cooling, and can also be stored in the fridge for an extra boost on the cooling effect, which will also help to depuff then eye area. Although this feeling fades quite quickly as the mask adjusts to your skin. So it’s not as though it’s an uncomfortable feeling.

Even with the Orange Juice element, these remain fragrance free, and I felt no stinging when I applied these, where as typically I feel a sort of tingling, stinging sensation when I use the Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Masks, but with these there was nothing.

The results were also really good, my eyes looked more awake, my deep purple bags were reduced, not gone, but definitely improved and my makeup went on beautifully under my eyes.

I would 100% recommend these to you, I think they are great, and they are super affordable as well!

You can pick these up in any drug store – Boots / Superdrug, and I’m pretty sure I have seen them in Tesco as well. They retail for about £2 so for a little beauty treat that doesn’t break the bank, you cannot go wrong with these!

Hope you enjoyed this! let me know if you have tried these before, and if so what did you think?

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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