Primark Haul

Guess who’s back with another haul?!

This time it was unplanned. Ben and I had headed out to a retail park about 25 minutes drive from our house, because that particular retail park has a huge Currys PC World and I am on the hunt for a new oven. Smack next door to Currys is a Primark so we headed in “just to look”.

Well, as you all probably know, you can’t just walk into Primark for a look. I actually fell in love with a denim jacket right as I walked in and Captain “I hate Denim Jackets” (Ben) actually liked the look of it when I tired it on so I had to have it. This was the start of it, but in actual fact, I only bought things I needed, kinda like basics that I like to stock up on… other than the jacket, that was a complete want over need item.

So lets take a look at what I bought.

Multi Pack Socks – £3.50
Lace Footies – £2.50
Canvas Pumps – £6 – I needed a new pair because A) I love these and B) I actually ripped my old pair! 
Basic Black Leggings (I got two pairs) – £2.50 Each
Basic Black Stretch Vest – £2.50
Basic Navy Stretch Vest – £2.50
Basic Burgundy Stretch Vest – £2.50
Denim Jacket (I love this so much) – £15

I did also buy some pants but like.. you don’t need to see that :’)

So that’s everything guys.. I did also completely fall in love with an oven. I’m not sure when I became a person that gets excited about ovens but here we are and I cannot wait to order it.

My total was actually only £42 which was really weird, because the lady who got served before me had a total of £42, but still, you can’t argue with a bag of good quality basics for such a low price.

I hope you enjoyed this guys, I love sharing with you what I pick up.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx


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