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I Got Another Tattoo!

Hey Guys!

A few weeks ago, I decided I was ready for another tattoo. It had been over a year since I got my last one, and I had started to feel like I was just ready for another one, mainly because I felt “off balance”.

What I mean by off balance is that I have a tattoo on my left ankle, and my right thigh, as well as both my arms so when I stand directly in the mirror I just felt like I looked a bit weird.. It was probably just me being a bit weird and just a personal thing for me but I was at a point where I was ready to change that.

What I think spurred the decision further was that my tattoo artist had posted a design to her Instagram that I just 100% fell in love with. It was perfect for what I wanted, it complimented my other tattoos really nicely, and was absolutely beautiful. I messaged her and she confirmed it was still available which kinda just cemented that “I’m getting a new tattoo” thought process.

I popped in to the studio a little over a week ago and was able to book an appointment that fell right in the centre of my prebooked week off (hooray for things working out).

So today was the day!

I woke up really early and got dressed and put come really basic makeup on, before jumping into Ben’s car and heading out to the studio. Ben and his dad are currently working on Project Garden so Ben dropped me off several hours before my appointment time and I just kinda milled about in the studio whilst my artist was busy tattooing someone else.

I met a guy who was booked in for his first tattoo and we talked for a while about what to expect, why he was getting it, you know the usual situation based small talk and after finishing up the other tattoo, a quick coffee and snack break, and It was time for me to jump in the hot seat so to speak.

She showed me the design again and I confirmed that I was still in love with it, which meant it was time to apply the stencil.


With the stencil applied, I was super happy and it was go time.


About an hour in and she was finished with the line work and I was thrilled with how it was looking.

It was now time for a quick stretch whilst she picked out the colours, I had asked specifically for the crystals to be the same purple and red as they are on my Snail, and then we decided to go for a red squirrel because, well why not!


Another hour or so later, and she gave me the final wipe down and told me to go and take a look at the finished tattoo.


What an absolute beauty it turned out to be, Not that I ever doubted her.

It compliments the other ankle tattoo, it is spot on in terms of height and positioning, and I am 1000% happy with the end result.

I will say it wasn’t a completely comfortable experience, but then getting tattooed never is. The daisy’s at the very bottom of my tattoo were excruciatingly painful and I was really gritting my teeth through every aspect of them. The rest of the tattoo wasn’t terrible in terms of pain, but the thing that was really uncomfortable was how I was laid, which I understand can’t be helped.

Overall I absolutely adore this little guy and it has definitely resparked my desire to be tattooed more!

Hope you enjoyed this post guys.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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