What’s In the Birchbox Birthday Box

Hey Guys!

Welcome to the final instalment of Whats In My Beauty Box for this month. I mentioned in the previous post that both Glossybox and Birchbox had released Limited Edition Boxes and I had gotten my hands on both.

Now I will start off by saying, I didn’t even realise this box was a thing until I saw it on Instagram and literally went straight to the website to buy it, I wasn’t even sure what was in it.. I kinda just got excited and bought it.

So a few days later I get a knock at the door and the postman is standing there with this huge box and I’m like “Huh, wonder what this is”.. Turns out it was my Birchbox Birthday Box and I was shocked.


This thing was huge! But its also so freaking cute! The box is of a really good quality so you could easily reuse it at a later date as a gift box, or just a really cute storage box!

It was also packed to the brim as well, like once I got everything out, I actually struggled getting it all back in.

The box came with 10 products, 8 of them being full size. It has a nice mix of brands and products, and had a tiny price tag of just £25 (£23 with my 15% VIP Discount). It was majorly impressive when I got all the stuff out and laid it across the bed! (I always take my parcels back upstairs to bed with me if the postman has brought them early)

Lets take a look at what the box included.

Eddie Funkhouser Chromographic Lip Colour – Skinny Dip – Full Size – RRP £10
Rituals ‘The Ritual of Karma’ Soul Shimmering Body Oil – Full Size – RRP £19.50
Lottie London #Lashgoals Mascara – Full Size – RRP £7
Wunder 2 Glitter Gelly – 24 Karat – Full Size – RRP £15
Profusion Highlight & Contour Palette – Full Size – RRP £7
Yes To Grapefruit Glow Boosting Unicorn Peel Off Mask – Full Size – £4
Lollipop The Brand Mia Hair Clip – Full Size – RRP £12
Ciate Supernova Gelology Polish – Mini – Full Size RRP £12
Becca Shimmering Sin Perfector Liquid – Deluxe Sample 20ml – Full Size 50ml RRP £30
Popband London Popbrush – Full Size – RRP £12

Phew! That’s everything that came in the Birthday Box. I was so impressed with this and so happy that I got my hands on it.

It was worth so much more than I paid for it, I think it had a retail price of around £100 so for the £25 price tag this was an absolute bargain!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at this beauty box. Leave me a comment with your favourite product from the box.

Talk to you soon!
Byee xxx

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