Review – Bliss Super Cala Fabulips

Helloo! A couple of weeks ago I had dragged my boyfriend out shopping (Obviously his favourite past-time) and we headed into TKMaxx.. Is anyone shocked by this? No? Thought not! As I was looking at literally everything they had on offer, I spotted this little gift set from Bliss and instantly spun round to find… Continue reading Review – Bliss Super Cala Fabulips


Cake International – A Day Out And A Haul

Helloo!! A few months ago Ben's (my boyfriend for those of you who are new) Mum and Sister invited me along to Cake International at the Birmingham NEC, and of course, being a baking enthusiast myself I jumped at the chance. Originally when I was asked to go it fell on my day off, but… Continue reading Cake International – A Day Out And A Haul